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Catch the “Pee Dee Sports Daily” each weekday afternoon from 4-6pm.  Chris and Dirty keep you up-to-date on the local and regional sports stories making headlines in the Pee Dee and across the state of South Carolina!

Our Hosts:  Everything You Wanted to Know About Chris Burgin … But Were Afraid to Ask!

Hometown:  Lincolnton, North Carolina

College:  University of South Carolina — BA in Broadcast Journalism (MBB Team Manager)

Favorite Music:  Classic Rock

Favorite Bands:  U2, Def Leppard, Journey, Ozzy, KISS, Motley Crue, Guns-N-Roses, Anything that Rocks … prior to the end of the 80s!

Favorite Foods:  Steak, Mexican, Chinese, and Wings!

Favorite Movies:  All the Star Wars Flicks (Except Episode #1); A Few Good Men; Goodfellas, “Original” Red Dawn, Hoosiers, Friday Night Lights, & Field of Dreams

Play-by-Play Stints:  Carolina Rhinos (AF2 in Greenville); Humble & Kingwood (TX), Clinton, Thornwell, & Lake City High Schools; Florence RedWolves; Presbyterian College & Coastal Carolina University — USC Women’s Hoops (A Long Time Ago)!

Best Moment in Radio:  Have knocked out two “bucket list” items in recent years.  First; in 2014, had the opportunity to broadcast from Pauley Pavilion in Los Angeles for the Coastal/UCLA men’s basketball game. Then in 2016, visited the “Box” for LSU/CCU baseball and the “Super Regionals”.  I’ve gotten much better than I deserve …

What I Would Be Doing If I Weren’t In Radio:  Don’t Know … Only Thing That I’ve Ever Wanted to Do

Something Very Few People Know About Me:  I’ve Been to Alaska Twice & Would Love to Go Back!



Our Hosts:  Everything You Wanted to Know About “DIRTY” … But Were REALLY Afraid to Ask!!

Hometown: Flo-Town, South Kakalaky – Born & Raised Suckaz!

College: I did 3 years at FMU but was released early for good behavior. I managed to squeeze out a degree at FDTC; being a 2 year school, my chances were better.

Favorite Music: I mostly enjoy Rock(Hard Rock, Punk, Progressive, Heavy Metal), Hip-Hop, Reggae, and dubstep/trap/EDM (electronic dance music). Primarily anything but country, which I can only tolerate when I’m depressed – true story.

Favorite Bands: (this list could get long) Protest the Hero, Avenged Sevenfold, August Burns Red, Lamb of God, Tool, Rage Against the Machine, The Offspring, System of a Down,  Pink Floyd, Journey .. You Get the Idea.

Favorite Foods: Homemade Chicken & Dumplins, Beef Stew (pretty much anything in a crock pot), Prime Rib (only Med. Rare), Almost anything off the pig.

Favorite Movies: I’m not a huge movie guy. I have some TV series that I’m really big on (Sons of Anarchy, Walking Dead, Into the Badlands, Big Bang, Impractical Jokers.) Once you’ve seen a movie, you’ve seen it. I like any movie that makes you think and/or keeps you in suspense, and I like action movies and nerd movies, but I’ll say my favorite all time movies are Fight Club, The Boondock Saints (just the first one), Django Unchained (anything Tarantino), and Poolhall Junkies (Christopher Walken’s best movie EVER)

Best Moment in Radio: Wow… I don’t know that one stands out. In radio, it’s probably a tie between going to New York and helping build the Cumulus Media Networks TOC, and going to Nashville to help build the NASH studios for Kix Brooks and Shawn Parr. On air, pretty much any time I get to make fun of or pick on Ben. Also, I really enjoy the feeling I get every time Chris fires off “The Dirty Intro”

What You Would Be Doing, If You Weren’t in Radio: I would like to say I’d be writing or doing something in the field of Science. Maybe I would produce music or just engineer for musicians, but most probably,  I would be fixing someone else’s technical devices or equipment that breaks down.

Something Very Few People Know About Me: Something listeners probably don’t know about me is that I collect tattoos. Something most people don’t know about me is that I’m a hopeless romantic and an affectionate softy.